Association Skill Specific Clinics which are scheduled periodically throughout
the hockey season using association supplied ice. Typically, associations have
offered our Skill Specific Clinics on a monthly/weekly basis to ensure that
improvements are progressive over the season, maximizing the improvement of
your players.
Association Mid-Season Tune ups this in season program allows The Rink
Player Development Professionals to visit your community and offer players an
advanced skill development camp. These camps are in the form of a 3 day mini-
camp, and can be tailored to the availability and demand in your community.
Association Team Consulting allows The Rink Player Development
Professionals to attend regular team practices to support player skill
development needs. Often this type of activity is done alongside a series of
clinics so that we can provide the necessary curriculum and environment for
improvement. This option is tailored to the specific needs of each team, with the
help of team coaches to optimize development.
Preseason Camps allow The Rink Player Development to take the lead on
player development for you. These camps are scheduled in the early part of the
season as a way to have players get ready for the upcoming seasons ahead.
Preseason Camps are designed to set the foundation for development
throughout the season, and are a perfect complement to our Skill Specific
In-service Days are offered as another option to keep the development of
players consistent in a setting with professionals. These sessions run as full day
clinics which highlight Skill Specific Sessions at the request of the association.
Association Coaching Clinics are offered as a final cornerstone to your
association’s player development plan. In this offering, The Professionals at The
Rink act as a guide and help the coaches of your association in teaching the key
fundamental aspects for your hockey players. While all hockey players must take
developmental responsibility and be self-directed in their focus, The Rink is there
to integrate further support to the needs of an associations players and coaches.