Summer 2020 - Introductory - Learn to Skate - Seven Oaks Arena


Our Learn to Skate program is a non-parented class for children ages 2-5 who have not had any time on skates. It is designed to introduce children to the ice and help them become comfortable on skates. This program teaches children the basics of how to get up when they fall down, how to move forward, basic backward movement and how to stop. Music, toys and games are used to help children feel ready to take the next step.

Mastery Skills

  • Gliding on Each Foot
  • Stopping
  • Getting up from a down position

This Summer, come Learn to Skate with us here at The RINK!

Our program follows a curriculum, with each session having a specific theme so players can be introduced to all the aspects of skating. All skaters must wear proper hockey helmets with full face shields. All skaters must wear proper hockey helmets with full face shields.

Classes are limited to 8 skaters per session and parents do not go on the ice with the skaters. Two or more coaches will be on per session based on class size and ability.

Most skaters that participate in the learn to skate 1 program are ages 3 and older. Older skaters are able to participate but the average age of the group will be younger.

All ice times are 30 minutes. Learn to Skate classes may run shorter in first few weeks based on skater ability.

Program Time

8 Week Program

  • Tuesday - 5:00 p.m. - (No Session Aug. 4)