Winter 2020 - Elite - Small Area Power Skating


Our High Performance Power Skating Program will be the first program we have offered that takes a specific focus on Small Area Skating techniques. This program will take a focused approach on improving player's 1st step quickness, tight turn techniques, puck protection skating techniques, and tactical application.

With the high demands of Advanced Small Area Power Skating it is crucial that each athlete is prepared to perform their best when they hit the ice. To ensure that athletes are both physically and mentally ready to improve their on-ice abilities they will be instructed through a sport specific warm up which will include:
·  Dynamic Stretching and Mobility (Increases joint movement through a specific range of motion)
·  Muscle Activation (Turn on specific muscles while waking up the mind to muscle connection)
·  Movement Preparation (Increases core temperature)
·  Explosive Exercises (Improves on ice explosiveness) 


1 x 50 Minute On Ice Sessions - Technical sessions featuring Small Area Skating teaching and techniques. 


  • Friday - 7:00 a.m.