1 x 20 Minute Interactive Boardroom session (Cognitive)

These sessions will take place in our on-site boardroom.

Session Includes:
10 minute interactive discussion using video to enhance retention of skills
10 minute for Journal development, focusing on key topics from the session.
Players will be responsible to have their journals with them each week for this portion of our program.
These sessions will focus on the keys to enhancing learning and skill acquisition:
a) Lecture b) Reading c) Audio/Visual d) Demonstration e) Discussion

1 x 50 Minute On Ice Sessions - 3 Skill Components Covered/Session (Associative/Automatic Response) - 20 Minutes Power Skating Instruction + 20 Minutes Skills Instruction + 10 Minutes Tactical Drills

MAXIMUM SKATERS: 12 skaters/group (6:1 player/coach ratio)

PROGRAM COST: $887.50/plus GST

See Brochure for full program details.