Program to evaluate, analyze, and teach hockey players, both male and female, positional play, overall fundamentals, and the hockey sense needed to excel in today’s game.

Each player will receive personal 1 on 1 consultation of their own game play.

Video of the players game play, all shifts played, which will be provided by the player, will be taken, and analyzed by the Rink Consultant

Two options will be available for players to purchase:

Option #1

Each player will meet with the Rink Consultant, 1 on 1, and go over the game video, which has been viewed, and organized into positive, constructive, learning video. Meetings will take place at the Rink and last for 60 mins and be done during the daytime or at night during the week. (depending on players schedules) Parents are more then welcome to attend these meetings but are not required to attend.

COST:  $175/plus GST initial session, $150 each session after

Option #2

Each player will send captured game footage to the rink consultant. The video will be reviewed, and a voice over video will be then sent back to the player with positive, constructive, learning feedback for the player to view.

COST:  $150/plus GST initial session, $125 each following session

**Player will provide their game footage by using the free app Hudl Technique. Video to be taken on an iPad, in horizontal view.


Dwayne Gylywoychuk
Development Consultant | W: (204) 489 7465 | C: (204) 761 7615